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I sat down at R29 as a design intern, and two months later I was asked, "What do you think about coding this new e-commerce site with us?" I only knew enough code to build a simple HTML site. I said yes, of course.

The next two years left me skilled in full-stack development and able to work with a team that reached far beyond 'engineers'. As our team and the company grew tenfold, we grew more agile and had the chance to use adventurous frameworks and tools.

Clementine Bakery

a vegan, organic, & gluten-free-friendly bakery in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Hella cookies.

Atlas of the Universe

the premier resource in all facts

Design is one thing; redesign another. For this project, we chose any book that we thought could be better-designed. I chose Atlas of the Universe—space is an interest I'll keep with me, along with design, for life—but in my space research, I've noticed that astronomers tend to think like mathematicians, not designers.

A book is a three-dimensional object that works in time like a film as you move from spread to spread—sequence and continuity are of the essence. Through typography they communicate content; through grid, structure and clarity; through the cover, a convincing and instant glance at the message.

Jackpot Gallery & Bar

a brand redesign for a local bar,
gallery, & DIY space

The objective with this project was to find an opportunity for 4-D design branding. I chose a local bar, popular for its terrific shows and cheap drinks but in need of an upgrade and more cohesive effort. The new design is adaptive and embraces exploration.

Kansas City Design Alliance

group branding & web design project

KCDA is a collection of professional organizations sharing resources and working together to improve the quality of life by encouraging innovative solutions in entrepreneurship, art & design and our environment both built and natural.

Intimate Conversations

an illustrated book of chairs talking

While studying abroad in Germany, I had the chance to join 75 other students at an artists' retreat in a historic castle. We were free to dedicate an entire week to create a group exhibition, using the castle as inspiration for the theme of Memory and Reflection.

The still corners of Namedy Castle invited quiet and personal communication. They were waiting to be used, yet when left alone, began to create conversations of their own.


I'm not currently available for contract work. But please send me an email, and let's chat.

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